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OPENING SOON! Speak to Chaya Singer to discuss how Ganeinu can benefit your family.

Ganeinu means “our garden”. Children are the saplings that will grow and blossom into strong and fruitful trees. The educators are the gardeners that tend and care for each sapling with love and attention, providing it with all it needs to grow to its fullest potential. We are planting now with the future in mind.

At Ganeinu we will nurture and guide your child in a warm and loving environment that is nurturing to the body, mind and soul. Jewish themes and traditions are alive and experienced through out each day in a joyful and fun way.

Come grow with us in our garden!

Mission: To provide quality child care enriched with Jewish culture, tradition and experiences to Jewish children in the  Early Years stage. 

Goal: Children to be happy, healthy, developing properly in accordance to the EYFS standards enriched with a foundation of Jewish experience. Parents to be happy and confidant with the care and enrichment their child receives.

Guidance: The childcare is under the guidance of Bristol City Council Childminders Support Team, EYFS Statutory framework and OFSTED.

Plus the Lubavitcher Rebbe’s perspective and guidance for Jewish education. (The Lubavitcher Rebbes perspective includes these key points: A Child is compared to a sapling, the early years of a child's life are the most delicate and impact-able. It needs delicate nurture, and ever impact on the sampling grows with it. A child can learn from everything it experiences (with its 5 senses) and the soul is impacted by its environment.

Education in addition to EYFS Development:

  • Aleph Bet

  • Jewish Culture, Values, Traditions & Holidays

  • Hebrew language

  • Ethics & Character Building

  • The World inside us - Emotional well-being

Caring for: Jewish Children Ages 18 Months - 4 years

Enrollment will open soon! Contact Chaya Singer to get started. Phone: 07852986573. Email: