Chai Club

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Life, Health and Stability of Chabad

Your monthly gift is the heartbeat of Jewish Life in Bristol!

Monthly Giving Circle

Chai means life. The pumping heart and every breath are consistent, going almost unnoticed. We often don’t think about the things that keep us alive. But they are the most important! 

The Chai Club consists of individuals caring about the life, health, and stability of Chabad.

Every month your donation will create a lifestream of financial stability to support our community and give students a warm and welcome home away from home.

Thank you for caring to keep the Heart of Jewish Life pumping!

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BACS Made Easy

So every penny of your donation will go directly to Jewish life in Bristol without getting lost in processing fees.

Credit Card & PayPal

If you don't have a UK bank account, set up your monthly Chai Club via credit card on the donate page. Enter the donation amount and just click 'Monthly'.


Sharing Smiles

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