Torah Studies - Adult Education

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A Torah Studies course delving into the modern lessons from the ancient themes of the weekly Parsha.

Torah Studies is a series of stimulating text and discussion based classes that take place on a weekly basis. These classes will engage and challenge you intellectually, spiritually and emotionally. They explore contemporary issues through a Torah perspective as well as tackling timeless questions in the Jewish tradition.

Each class is a standalone unit, so feel free to come along when you can.

Join the discussion, over a bowl of steamy chicken soup!

Instructor: Rabbi Mendy Singer.

Registration is free.  Student Guide book: £15 (optional).

If these times or topics do not suit you, please be in touch to setup a one-on-one study session or a class on a topic of  interest.  

Weekly: Thursday, 7:30 - 8:45pm


Breaking Norms

Thursday, 3 January

Challenging Yourself to Touch Another

The Four Questions feature prominently in the collective Jewish imagination. While these questions have been chanted for millennia, fewer know that embedded within the structure of the Passover seder is a clarion call for every Jew to put on a hat they may have never imagined donning. Answer the call!


Wet Behind the Ears

Thursday, 10 January

Balancing Enthusiasm with Maturity

At the foot of the sea with the Egyptian army thundering behind them, one Jewish tribe started . . . throwing stones at another tribe! What? As we unravel this mystery, discover how to strike the balance between the enthusiasm you seek and the maturity you wish to master.

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Life is Art

*Tuesday, 22 January*

Human Flaws Are the Brushstrokes of Divine Beauty

Have you ever wondered what life would be like without so many flaws? Wouldn’t your days be so much more meaningful if you didn’t constantly struggle with doubt, insecurity, and hidden demons? Frankly, the answer is, “No!” The secret lies in a story about an idolatrous priest who embraces the Jewish message and ends up with an eponymous portion in the Torah bearing his name.


Making Tough Choices

Thursday, 31 January

Grabbing On to the Reins of Life

Ever landed in a tough spot with difficult choices? Was there a pitiful situation that set you up for some pretty bad choices? A little-known law about a slave getting his ear pierced at the door of his master encourages us all to face the music and make the best choice we can.


The Aroma of Acrimony

Thursday, 7 February

Why You Should Never Give Up

Nobody’s perfect. Our personal Judaism, as with all the things in life, can get a little tough. Does that mean we’re failing? Why should we continue to struggle if the calm never comes? This class, on the Temple altars, sheds light on the glory of the grind.

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Clothes Make the Person

Thursday, 14 February

Behavioral Mastery Is the Name of the Game

From the moment Adam and Eve used leaves to cover their naked flesh, humans have forever been clothed. What does Judaism have to say about your suit and your prom dress? Discover the rules and regulations, the culture and the kabbalah of the clothing in your closet.

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Forget Me Not!

Thursday, 21 February

Connection Is the Key to Memory

Now that we all have smartphones in our pockets, it seems ridiculous to tie a string around your finger to remember something. But that’s how things were done for millennia. What’s the connection between a knot and memory? Well, the connection is—believe it or not—connection.

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Flip the Script

*Sunday, 24 February*

Writing the Narrative of Your Own Life

We live life one day at a time, every day another chapter. As the days pile up, they string together a narrative, a story that you tell yourself and relate to others. So what’s your story? Is it a series of frustrations and mishaps, or a wonderful tale of success and meaning?

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Did Plato Get It Right?

Thursday, 7 March

Jewish Realism vs. Greek Idealism

While Plato spoke of the universal—the dreamy ideal without concrete realization—Torah mobilizes us to take action in the here and now. In this class we discover heaven on earth in Judaism’s more sublime sense of idealism, one deeply rooted in reality.

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Today Is the First Day of the Rest of Your Life

Thursday, 14 March

Make the Most of It

Routine can be boring. A vacation, a surprise visit, a raging concert—now you’re talking! But do you want your job to change every day? Do you like sleeping in a different bed every night? Would you enjoy a new relationship every week? Regardless of your answer, this class is for you.

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Do It Because You Care

*Sunday, 17 March*

Personal Touch Is All the Difference

Getting a birthday card with no personal message is just a wee bit disappointing. Have you ever done something like that? Have you ever “gotten it done” but without any personal feeling? Join the Jews in the perilous times of Shushanic Purim, and find the tools to inject passion and personality into your otherwise banal behavior.

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The Day Aaron Argued with Moses

Thursday, 28 March

Sorry, You Were Never Meant to Be Perfect

An odd thing happens in the desert as the Jews commence services in the Tabernacle: Moses and Aaron get into a whole kerfuffle about a burnt goat. True story. What’s the significance of this peculiar debate, and what does it have to do with me?

Compassionate Condemnation

Thursday, 4 April

Love, Love, and Love Some More. Then Criticize

It can feel pretty good to call someone out for their faults and wrongdoings. As you sit atop your moral high horse, it’s nice to know that you can see evil for what it is. But a curious law in the obscure topic of lepers in the Torah teaches us a radical different approach. An approach grounded in profound compassion and a deep sense of love.


A Stranger to Passover

Thursday, 11 April

Developing a Taste for the Divine

Not unlike fine wine and whiskey, a taste for G-d needs to be developed. Passover is a time of personal connection, a time to become a real connoisseur of spirituality. This lesson explains how.