Chabad Hebrew School

We are excited to be entering the first term of Chabad Hebrew School for the 5778/ 2017-2018 school year!

Chabad Hebrew School is a fun and friendly environment for Jewish children to experience the authentic values and traditions of Judaism through student-led learning. Students will live with the Jewish Life Cycle Curriculum experiencing the Jewish way from birth to afterlife and master the art of Hebrew reading with ALEPH CHAMP! At CHS we are dedicated to give our students a positive and authentic Jewish experience.

As CHS continues it's journey in Bristol, we invite you to share your suggestions and visions for your child's Jewish education. Contact Rabbi Mendy or Chaya Singer to ensure your child's Jewish education is in good hands.



 Every Jewish child deserves the oppurtunity to learn about his/her heritage.


An afterschool program for 1.5 hours each week. Incorporating two renown curricula and loads of Jewish fun!

  • L'chaim - To the cycle of life
  • Aleph Champ

See more about them below.


Jewish children ages 7-12


Every Tuesday in term 4:30-6:00pm.

  • Term 1:  31 October, 2017 - 12 December, 2017. (7 weeks)
  • Term 2: 16 January, 2018 - 2 March, 2018. Excluding 13 Feb. (9 weeks)
  • Term 3: 24 April, 2018 - 19 June, 2018. Excluding 29 May (8 weeks)

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Chabad of Bristol


Apply for CHS by filling in this online form for each child and complete payment.

More about the Curricula

ALEPH CHAMP takes inspiration from Karate and divides Hebrew reading skills  into 10 coloured levels. There are fun games and activities to help the students meet their goals. Moving up a level in Aleph Champ is a source of pride for students and this makes them self motivated to succeed. Self motivated students is a quality that is unique to the Aleph Champ Hebrew Reading program. More about Aleph Champ

L'CHAIM - To The Cycle of Life curriculum begins with each student giving birth to a set of twins - a male and a female. Over the course of the year, the student guides his/her children through various life-cycle events (birth, bris/baby-naming, bar/bat mitzvah, etc). The material is recorded in a creative tri-fold binder. We aim to familiarize the student with the Torahs perspective of these important events, and to give them a working understanding of the specific ceremony's nuts and bolts. 


  • Per term £120
  • Full year (3 terms with a 10% discount) £324


Every Jewish child deserves a Jewish education. We wouldn't want finances to be an obstacle to this. If you are challenged by the full tuition, please contact Rabbi Singer to arrange a subsidy.

Sponsor a Student!

Give the gift of Jewish education! You can help ensure a Jewish tomorrow by sponsoring a subsidised tuition for just £40 per term / £120 a year.

Payment Method


Made payable to Chabad of Bristol: Unity Centre, Chabad of Bristol - Rabbi Singer,  7 Unity Street, Bristol, BS1 5HH


Chabad of Bristol - Sort Code: 60-17-24    Account No: 76150348

Monthly Standing Order:

Full year: Set up a Monthly Standing Order for £27 for 12 Months (1 Student full year - £324). GoCardless


Chabad Hebrew School 5777 - Year in Review